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Bethlehem Express

a children's Christmas musical by Ray Lombardi

Bethlehem Express - Lorray Musicals
It's Wonderful - Lorray Musicals
The Angel Brought Such Good News - Lorray Musicals
Don't Be Afraid - Lorray Musicals
What Did the Angels Have to Say? - Lorray Musicals
Christmas In Heaven - Lorray Musicals

All Lorray Musicals are available for a one-time fee of $41.50. This includes:

  • demo versions of individual songs, with children's voices

  • accompaniment trax versions of songs, without children's voices

  • lead sheets (melody line and lyrics)

  • script

  • copying rights - duplicate as many copies of the script/lead sheets as needed for your performance!

To purchase the musical on this page, click the Buy Now button.  Upon successful completion of the purchase, you will be taken immediately to the download page for this musical. It's that simple! Be sure you give us an accurate email address when you purchase!

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